A Piece of Sky in the Grass

Site-specific work for Atelier Blanchefosse (FR)

A Piece of Sky in the Grass is a 17.5cm cube installed in Atelier Blanchefosse’s garden. It is a sparkly response to the other sculptures in the garden, based on meaningful shapes. Moreover, the cube was installed on the diagonal that connects Blanchefosse’s medieval Abbey and a very important church in Rotterdam. Both buildings were built on one of what can be defined as Earth’s energy meridians.

Both A Piece of Sky in the Grass and the Blue Tree were devised during a residency for Apes Container in Atelier Blanchefosse. The residency was based on barter: 3 hours of gardening or maintenance work on the aterlier’s premises in exchange for space, stayover, mini-symposia at every meal and cinema or documentaries every night.