Loose Cannon on Deck

Loose Cannon on Deck is a humorous Interactive Improvisation Performance devised with scenographer Yotka Kroeze and composer Wouter Van der Wal. It was presented during A Blind Date? Project, a module designed for BA Choreography in CODARTS. It was then presented both in CODARTS and Utrecht Academiegebouw.

The performance is based on an improvisation score for both the music and fourteen performers. Loose Cannon on Deck is interactive because its progress depends on the audience: the score is in fact structured in three parts, each underlying the relationship between the audience and the progress of the installation, while exploring three different levels of interaction between the two entities.

The first part is structured as a flux diagram, where each section’s length exploits that very inevitable performance-audience interaction in order to progress. The second part implies a more direct and focused interaction between a singular performer and a singular member of the public. Finally, the third part cannot happen unless the public participates to end the performance.

Performed by: Elita Cannata, Ludovica Mango, Fabrizio Petrachi, Ann Lydie Groenen, Michele Mastroianni, Marek Lihotan, Aleksandra Boris, Cordelia Lange, Jac Carsson,Valeria Cosi, Neta Rutenberg, Mark Glezin, Kim Kolhmann, Lisa Beese.