Personal kinetic possibilities.

Structure and state of alert.

Improvisation and Instant Composition.

The core of the class is improvisation technique, and can be devised both for people who never danced as well as experienced professionals. It is open to anybody who’s willing to develop listening and presence inside a creative context. There’s no limit in age and discipline.

It aims to stimulate a deeper sense of personal body signature related to time and space, as well as develop group feeling within a performatic experience.

Through a series of exercises belonging to different techniques (Forsythe’s, Laban, Viewpoint…), the participants will embark on a journey that considers Improvisation as a technique that engages both the body and the mind of a performer. Composition will be approached as an effective tool that helps grasping the impalpable notion of now.

This kind of class (or series of classes) can be shaped around the needs and capabilities of a cohort and to offer tools transferable to other disciplines. I have worked on improvisation and composition with professional dancers, young amateurs, actors and adult non-dancers. Moreover, the route can be devised in order to aim towards a final presentation.

Key questions:
When and where does my body move?
How can my body move?
How can I understand the bigger picture and therefore influence it as an individual within a system of relationships?