Classical Technique for Contemporary Practice

The aim of the class is providing a warm-up functional for Contemporary Practice, by implementing a basic Classical Technique class with elements of functional anatomy, Laban Movement Analysis and William Forsythe’s Nine-points System.

The structure of the class is based on the regular ballet class, with rather simple exercises. The importance of maintaining such well-known structure is to give space to explorations of the quality and the mechanics with which exercises are carried out, rather than their composition. Throughout the class, the exercises will focus on some specific aspects functional to the movements. (e.g. pliees focusing on kneecaps, then hip folding, then arms).

The class is taught on pop music, in order to offer a stress-free, inclusive learning environment and to develop musicality.

The focus is on the use of specific body parts, counterbalance, opposition, use of the weight, timing and flow, with a strong attention to minimising effort, tension and muscular strain.