– A one way ticket beyond Wien –

Sideroxylon is a dance performance featuring three performers and a live string quartet. The music was purpose-composed by Nikos Ioakeim, Friso van Wijck, Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris.

The performance is inspired by volcanic explosions, magmatic movements and the music of the Second Wien School.

(The term is a proverbial oxymoron largely used in philosophic rethoric, it synthesizes the concept of wooden, which is organic, with the concept of iron, which is inorganic.)

Cheerfully cynical joke on A performance.

The trip, the destination and further carrying the same meaningful nonsense.

Regular individuals confronted with the modest magnificence of a natural artefact.

A frugal gourmandise dinner held by a silent host. Would a conversation about silence have made sense at the end?

Concept and choreography: M. Eugenia Demeglio

Devised with and performed by : Lucie Burton, Cordelia Lange, Yuiko Masaoka

Music performed by: Miren Ceberio (1st violin),   Pedro Porras/ Iván García Artaraz (2nd violin),

Satoko Matsukuma (viola), Catarina Ferreira (cello)

Costumes: Valeria Cosi, , Cordelia Lange, M. Eugenia Demeglio