Meta’ fora

Meta’ fora is a performance of movement and spoken word describing a life condensed in ten minutes. It is a small trip in the World, seen through the eyes of a kid. The kid we all have inside us.

After traveling to India, I’ve felt the extreme difference in the perception of time between East and West. I’ve found in the approach kids have with the concept of death a synthesis of those opposite worlds. How many times does a kid die during a game?

For Meta’ fora I decided to describe my life with the language that came out of my childhood, taking in account the dialogue between it and the scripted codes of adulthood that I’ve started embodying lately.

Me, mine, my and I are meant as one of the infinite perceptions.

The title is a clear reference to the word metaphor, as well as a little joke in my native dialect: it literally means half out, which stands for mad.
Madness as clarity, as well as difference.

Dramatis Personae
The Arrogant Caterpillar: Giacomo Della Marina
Wisdom: Amandine Estoppey, Yuiko Masaoka, Antonia Zagel
Godzilla the Cat: Jasmine Ellis
her: M.Eugenia Demeglio
her too: Giulia Torri
Struwweltommy: Tommaso Di Battista
Him: Ygal Tsur
Babylon: Erisa Hirakawa
Her with capital H: Meritxell Peiret

Texts: Jasmine Ellis, Giacomo Della Marina, M. Eugenia Demeglio

Presented in Korzo Theater, Den Haag; Theater Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam.